Helical Piles are the more portable type of pile, which are very useful for limited access projects. They are able to be installed with portable equipment and can achieve capacities of up to 19 tons. These piles are mostly used with special brackets to support and repair damaged or settling foundations.

The installation process of Helical Piles is done at a slow speed, with a high torque driver. The driver is mounted on a Skid steer loader or mini excavator, and they are auger torque driven to the depth required to accomplish the specified capacity. The capacity is figured out by checking installation torque and machine hydraulic pressure.

Helical Piles’ tension capacity is quite high, and may be equal to the rated compression capacity. The reason for this is the Helixes locking into the soil or limerock, creating a cork screw effect. The high tension capacity is a must for the scenarios wherein the designs have uplift loads. The clean and easy installation of Helical Piles is another advantage of using this pile. There won’t be any damage to lawns, or landscapes, and no concrete grout mess.

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