Pin Piles are a smaller type of pile, that are typically 3″ or 4″ in diameter, and cater to projects that have a need for lighter loads and foundation repairs. The low cost of the piles also make them practical across a variety of projects, and so are appealing for many situations. Pin Piles are schedule 40 or 80 Galvanized pipe, usually cut in 7′ sections, with the lead piece’s end closed for end bearing in underlying limestone. Extensions are fitted with special sleeves so as to later weld together the following pieces to accomplish the final pile length needed.

The portability of Pin Piles is a huge asset, since they are able to be installed with highly portable equipment. Pneumatic drivers as light as 140 lb can be used, which are powered by an air compressors that is transportable anywhere, even under spatially limiting areas such as basements or crawl spaces. Pin Piles may also be installed with a machine mounted hydraulic rammer, which is capable of up to 750 lbs of driving force. This being the more practical and efficient method for installation, and have the plus of being mobile due to their slight size of 4 to 6 feet wide.

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